Easy Access

A car is not necessary to get around the neighborhood or city–but if you have one, we have a driveway.  And you can rent cars in the neighborhood by the hour, day or week.


– Your car in our driveway
– Rent a car in Brookland to avoid the high rates at the airports: Enterprise: Rent a Car
– Metro station 3 short flat blocks away: Redline subway (& buses)
– Rent a car by the hour ZIPcar or Car2GO: cars in Brookland
– Capital City bike rental: 2 Brookland locations: 10th & Monroe on way to Metro; & 12th & Newton by CVS drugstore
– Walking and bicycle path to downtown from neighborhood
– Easy airport access from BWI (cheapest), National Airports (closest), Dulles (used more for International flights)
– 3 Metro subway stops to Union Station & Capital Hill
– 5 subway stops to Gallery Place, Chinatown, Convention & Verizon Centers & transfer to the Green & Yellow lines
– 6 stops to Metro Center & transfer to the Blue & Orange lines

new living room 1NAVIGATING THE CITY

The city is divided into four quadrants: NW, NE, SW, SE.  We are in the Northeast (NE) quadrant, in the in town neighborhood of Brookland. WDC streets are arranged in a square grid.  But, state name streets run at an angle.  Streets through out the city, are almost always alphabetical. Hence Lawrence and Newton streets are on either side of Monroe, as in L M N.  If you understand this concept, it can become easier to understand where you are and which direction to go in.  It is important to note that  you are in Northeast quadrant, as the same street names exist in each of the 4 quadrants.